Voyez ce que mes clients disent!
  • Thank you for your professionalism, and congratulation for having real estate brokers like Mr. Abbas Esmaili in your team.

    S.Khatami July 2014

  • Abbas was exceptionally thourough in researching properties for us. We were from out of town and he was always available when we needed him to be. He made the negotiations and closing very simple for us. And he made the sellers wish they had an agent working fo them who was as thourough as Abbas was. I am quite certain that we will be looking to Abbas for more support when we are ready for our next home.

    Charles & Rene May 2013

  • We just sold our home through Remax with Abbas and his colleague Judith. I have to say, this is not the first time we deal with agents as we have sold a couple of other homes. But by far, this was the best experience and the best service we have ever encounter. My wife was on the fine line of wanting to stay from the moment we put the... sign up.

    Thanks to Abbas and his calming ways, we now have a SOLD sign on the FOR SALE sign and my wife is the happiest woman in the world as she gets to start in a new construction again with her all new kitchen appliances! And this for me, is what makes me happy, so thank you Abbas!!!

    Christian Désilets 30 mars 2011

  • I am addressing you on behalf of myself and my husband regarding one of your real estate agents, Mr. Abbas Esmaili.

    May 1st 2006–A previous real estate contract was finally over. We were dissatisfied, so we carefully interviewed Abbas Esmaili. We still wanted to move this spring/summer season. He mentioned to me his ideas on why he thought the house hadn't sold yet, and what he was going to do differently. We had observed how he had handled the sale of a neighboring house and were completely impressed with the time that he gave to the client–open houses every week. He had a great personality, but could he sell the house? Now, the "rush" of February/march was coming to an end–and we were also giving birth the end of May. Personally I didn't know how we were going to approach having the house on the market AND having a baby, but Abbas told me "not to worry, don't stress"......so I didn't./p>

    May 10th 2006– We found our dream house. This is what makes it all worthwhile. Thanks to Abbas' personal presentation of our offer, we were proud owners of a new home. While most agents fax offers back and forth, Abbas took the extra effort in person, enabling us to get our house for what we could afford.

    By May 15th 2006,only two short weeks after having listed with him, Abbas Esmaili had actually sold our house twice!–financing being an issue the first time and occupancy the latter.

    By the end of May, I was scheduled for induction and we were becoming a little stressed with the thought of possibly carrying two mortgages. By now, Abbas had long since become a friend. He knew we were worried and would call just to ask how we were, how the kids were, and just to say hi. I know he was very busy at this time and I know he didn't really have time to do that–but he MADE time. He told us to relax and enjoy our new baby and that he would handle everything./p>

    He never once tried to convince us to take a lower offer than we could work with, nor did he try to cultivate interest on the house by lowering the price–IN FACT–Abbas accepted our idea of raising the price slightly when he took over the listing, and wouldn't lower it when I became panicky as the season quieted down!!! How many agents can make that claim??/p>

    Never once did he show any signs of being discouraged, only calm confidence and a positive professional attitude. We knew he was going to sell the house...why? Because he said he would!

    He knew the value of what was at stake....not just "a listing"... but our HOME. He handled it with respect, integrity and honesty... as if it was his own house. He also offered us valuable financial advice, as our friend, which saved our family from possible future problems.

    He cares.

    And basically, that's what this letter is all about. When you want to sell your house, you need someone who wants to work hard, who knows how to appraise your house, and who cares what you are left with. And WHERE you are in the end result.

    Abbas cares.

    I close now, thanking you for your time, and thanking Abbas, for enabling us to change our lives and for giving us such a great experience. I believe my husband's words sum it up best. He was approached at his workplace and discreetly passed a business card of someone looking to buy the house–ONLY when the contract was finished. Often people jump at the chance to pocket what they would've spent on an agent's commission, but my husband faithfully responded– "THE CONTRACT IS OVER WHEN HE SELLS THE HOUSE'.

    An agent who instills loyalty in his clients will not only have constant referrals, but have many, many satisfied clients throughout his career.

    We would also like to congratulate the ACAIQ at this time for having an agent of this caliber, available to the Quebec consumer.

    Thank you.

    Lori Jankowski and Ian Towers

  • After our experience with Abbas when we purchased our Condo last year, we had no hesitation about working with him again when it came time to buy our house. We were, once again, very satisfied with Abbas' professionalism and his work ethic. We will definitely recommend Abbas to all our friends.

    Charles and Renee Ganon

  • Abbas is a great agent but most of all, he is a great human being. There should be more agent like him, he knows what he is doing!

    Melanie Bosse, Joel Leger

  • I only have good things to say about my real estate agent. I would highly recommend him as he gets the job done.

    Marianne Marxen

  • Outstanding and professional service. Completely satisfied.

    Greg Chipman

  • Abbas is a complete gentleman. Very easy to commmunicate with him. Always available. Offered guidance with each step . This purchase was very smooth due to Abbas and all his assistance. A big thank-you goes out to him!

    Cindy Smith